Call for Papers

The 1st Workshop on Mobile Cloud Networking (MCN 2013) will be held in conjunction with the IEEE International Conference on Communications 2013 (ICC 2013) on June 9-13, 2013, in Budapest, Hungary. 

The workshop will bring together researchers, engineers and users, who are interested in future mobile telecommunication networks and/or cloud computing applications and enabling technologies. MCN will discuss recent trends in telecommunication networks and cloud computing and will in particular focus on challenges to be solved when integrating these technologies as well as possible synergies of these technologies. 

Access to cloud storage and computing service via wireless/mobile networks should be optimized in terms of delay, bandwidth and energy consumption from an end user perspective. Moreover, there is an increasing trend to implement more and more functions of a mobile telecommunication network in software, e.g., for signal and protocol processing. This enables to use cloud computing infrastructures as processing platform for signal and protocol processing of mobile telecommunication networks, in particular for current and future generation mobile telecommunication networks. In particular, the integration of protocol and application/service processing allows several opportunities to optimize performance of cloud applications and services observed by the mobile user, whose device is connected to the cloud via wireless access networks. 

The workshop solicits original contributions in the topics of interest for the workshop. Those topics include but are not limited to the following: 

  • Protocols and wireless network technologies for mobile cloud applications
  • Network virtualization for mobile cloud networks
  • Energy-saving at mobile end systems in network elements supporting mobile cloud applications
  • Distributed mobility management, including mobility prediction
  • Future Internet architectures and protocols for mobile cloud computing, including content-centric / context-based networking
  • Network and protocol support for delay-tolerant applications
  • Cloud computing in opportunistic networks
  • Management and allocation of mobile cloud resources, including SLA management
  • Cloud service management and migration
  • Seamless handover support for mobile cloud applications
  • Resource and service monitoring in mobile cloud networks
  • Physical radio resource sharing
  • End-to-end performance of mobile cloud applications
  • Novel cloud-based implementation architectures for mobile communication networks
  • Quality-of-Experience in mobile cloud applications
  • Cloud-based applications and services for mobile users, including social networks
  • (Participatory) sensing and mobile cloud applications, including data aggregation
  • Security and privacy issues of mobile cloud computing, including authentication and authorization
  • Accounting and charging of mobile cloud services 
  • Testbeds and performance evaluation for mobile cloud networking and applications